This image depicts the essence of the Cowgirl spirit; as it  transports you back to the early days of these "cowboy girls" as they became known as "cowgirls".
Handcolored as shown $175
With original pencil remarque add $20

Los Vaqueros de Alta California
In early California, Grizzly bears abunded, wrecking havoc with the Mission and Ranchero livestock.  The early day vaqueros would skillfully rope them with their rawhide reatas,  bringing them to the rancho and pitting them against a rogue bull.  Their gear was a combination of artful practicality from available materials. 
Handcolored as shown $155
With original pencil remarque add $20

The large etchings in this section  are over 10  inches in any direction , and comprise my largest intaglio prints or etchings.

Original pencil "remarques" are personalizations added to the border, generally at the bottom of the print paper just below the title area.  Some individual prints  in stock already have remarques on them, or I can add whatever you would like, such as a sketch  of your favorite horse,  Bible verse, favorite quote or gift verse.  Remarques are always done in p[encil.

Since I handcolor each print individually with watercolor,  each one  is slightly different and therefore unique.  I can also  incorporate  colors when handcoloring   to coordinate with your home.

Cowboy Classics

The life of the early day cowboy was not an easy one, dealing with half wild cattle, unbroke and often wild-caught  mustangs, sleeping on hard ground under the western stars and the simple fare from the chuckwagon "cookie". 
Handcolored as shown $200
With original pencil remarque add $25
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Old California Vaquero Bits
The early vaqueros were peerless horsemen, known throughout the world for their finely trained horses.  Their "finished", or thoroughly educated mounts were ridden in spade bits, which allowed for light "hair trigger" responses.  The bits were known by region, and named accordingly. 
Handcolored as shown $155, add $20 for remarque.
These indispensible leather coverings protected the vaquero's foot from entaglement in brush or  cold weather, among many other uses.  As shown, they have been adapted for varying situations  through necessity and use.  This print is shown with a habndpainted mecate tied in the traditional alamar knot on 100% rag museum board mat. 
Handcolored and matted as shown $200

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