Small etchings are more than 2 inches in at least one direction.

There are many in this category, and I will continue to add more images.

To contact the artist, please call 805-467-3510.

This etching combines traditional etched lines with finer, delicate  drypoint lines.  Big hitches of 30 or more horses were usual about the turn of the century, and in fact quite the vogue for progressive farmers with large, new combines .  In their day, they  were cutting edge technology.
Black & White as shown $55
Handcolored $65
Original remarque add $5

And A Good Time Was Had by All
Inspired by life here at the ranch, we have found that our curly tailed friends have an almost instatiable appetite and have been aghast at the sheer quantity of feed one can put away in one session.
Handcolored as shown $55
Black & White $45
Original Remarque add $10
Contact the Artist:
Deborah Kunic