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Living in the oak studded hills of California's Central Coast, once home of  the Indians and Spaniards who would become known the world over as the finest horsemen in history,  artist Deborah Kunic's work reflects the rich and continuing heritage of this unique area.  

"Growing up in an artistic family, my mother, Helen Kunic was a fashion artist "back in the day" for Macy's California in San Francisco and Capwell's in Oakland, California.  But, fashion art was not for me,  and from my earliest days, though I had an interest in art, it was clearly through western eyes.  As a kid,  I poured over the etchings and drawings  of Edward Borein,  the paintings and sculptures of Rosa Bonheur and Charlie Russell,  the timless etchings and watercolors of Winslow Homer and the distinctive art of Jo Mora.  

It seemed completely logical to me that my art career should consist of touring Museums with my mom one moment, and  barns and back roads with my dad the next.  I can still remember the horror expressed by my mother when dad and I came back from our first trip to the Grand National at the Cow Palace  and I mentioned I had never smelled anything better than the steamy, rich odor of the livestock barns.  I was about 8 at the time, but if asked I'd still say the same thing today. 

My mom and I took our first etching class at the Palo Alto Art Club in Palo Alto, California while I still in high school.  My interest in the medium grew, and before long I exhibited in galleries as well as  being represented by an intaglio print wholesaler during and after my education at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo as a pre-veterinary student. 

Regarding my art, I have alwa;ys thought that one's images should be authentic, backed by experience and knowledge. As such, they must be pleasing and accepted on their artistic merit  by art connissouers and on their authenticity by the working buckaroos and ranchers who share the lifestyle  which has provided me such inspiration. 

I have resided on a ranch in northern San Luis Obispo County for over 30 years, raising a daughter and son, both of whom love the ranching lifestyle.
Now a full time artist, I self-represents my  work at numerous shows in the western states, as well as online here.   

It is my hope that my work will edify and inspire your thoughts, memories and imagination.  

Please call me regarding any of my artwork shown on this site or that which you have seen at  shows I attend.   If necessary, please leave a message and I will return your call as soon as I am able.  If you don't hear back within a few days, please try again; occasionally we have issues with phones and computers and electronics here. 

And, for those who have inquired, the tooled leather background is from a Walt Goldsmith saddle ca. 1950's. 

                                       Thank you & Happy Trails,

                                        Deborah Kunic

                                Studio: 805-467-3510
                           Cell: 805-975-5736 

                                                   email: mecatemom@gmail.com

Canada Goose & Berries
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Woodland Christmas Tree
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Christmas Cards are handmade photo cards, 4 x 6 image size, with envelope and blank inside.

Your choice of cards.

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Cards are shipped postpaid to any address in the USA. 
Thank you for looking at my Christmas Card Designs.  Some of these have been published in prior years by  commercial greeting card companies.  

Merry Christmas & May the Blessings Jesus Christ be with you throughout the year~
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We don't have them often, but we are currently
 blessed with some adorable little male pups ready to be your best friend.  Call or check out www.kunicranch.com for more details. 

"Mountain Canary"
Ltd. Ed. Bronze
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"La Riata Larga"
 Ltd. ed. bronze, 16" tall, turntable solid walnut base   $5500 
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