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​I have created a series of miniature limited edition bronze sculptures, detailed and accurate in every way, as an alternative to more costly, large pieces.

Here is a way to add exquisite fine art to a room without a huge expense.  Not everyone can afford a large piece, so these small sculptures fill that void.  No extra charges, shipped to your door postpaid and fully insured. 

As with larger, more expensive pieces, these too are done in exactly the same way, just smaller.  They are limited edition lost wax process bronzes with patinas to compliment the color and texture of the piece.

"Mountain Canary"

Limited Edition Bronze

Inspired by the wild burros of the Grand Canyon, this small donkey evokes their wise,  independent lifestyle.  

The name "mountain canary" comes from their vocal nature of braying!

Height about 6" with walnut
Price: $425
Free Shipping & Insurance

"Calling Long Distance"

Limited Edition Bronze

This mule is determined to locate his buddies. Have they already descended down into the canyon below this cliff, or just further down the rocky trail?  He's thinking, "That's what happens when you stop for a bite to eat and the next thing y'know, everyone's gone!"

Height about 7" with walnut base.
Price $425
Free Shipping & Insurance
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